a self titled self care product line created by yours truly, an artistpreneur and writer who believes in mind, body, soul wellness as a lifestyle.

Circa 2014, I set an intention for a lifestyle of holistic living. As a result, I started making DIY natural skincare recipes for my personal self care while traveling the world as a singer, this eventually got the attention of others creating a demand for more products which birthed this self care line. Now, its burgeoning as a safe space for women - men and gender blind individuals - to discover and protect their self care practice with hand crafted organic products made intentionally and specifically for them.

I firmly believe in helping others - especially those unable to meet their basic needs. This product benefits more than just you and me. The proceeds of any product contributes to the financial and vocational aid of marginalized women who’ve been affected by mass incarceration and mental health. Additionally, proceeds from your shea butter purchase helps the Ghanaian women farmers who harvests the shea nuts.

2oz - $33

10ml - $20


Black Bottles are for him

Ingredients: Organic Grapeseed + Organic Almond Oil + Organic Sunflower oil, Fragrance imported from Dubai

2oz - $15


Ingredients: Organic Alcohol  + Essential Oil supplied by Young Living


a shea butter moisturuzer

Scented and Unscented

4oz - $20

Ingredients: Raw unrefined shea imported from Ghana + Organic Almond Oil + Organic Grapeseed Oil + Fragrance

Santo Sticks

1 bunch - $7

Wooden Incense sticks scented with special fragrance oil blends

As a minimalist, I desire is to see our environment thrive. As a result, I choose sustainable packaging by use of reusable glass bottles and recycled paper for our labels.

Where can I go to find Surrenity Self Care Products?

You can find us locally in New York City at the following locations:

Scent Elate

313 West 48th Street  
New York, NY 10036


Vitality NYC

213 West 35th Street -Suite 305 - New York, NY, 10035


This photo is licensed under  Be Driven Productions .

This photo is licensed under Be Driven Productions.

Surrenity in Brooklyn - the first ever public appearance at a Brooklyn based music event hosted by The Arena x 565 Sessions. It was lots of fun to introduce and share the brand with those who were interested. Folks just came over to compliment the aroma and branding and say you got a good thing going.

It all started with a memorable smell and good energy.

May your skin feel good and more appreciated by you.